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Hello all. Thank you for finding my website, by whatever means made you appear here.

My name is Gareth Freer Bargate. I’m a 25 year old person living in the normally sunny and warm city of Durban, located in South Africa (where I’ve spent my entire life so far). I finished university in 2011 with a degree in Creative Brand Communications, and an Honours in Brand Leadership.

While I’ve held occupations of Marketing Manager and Brand Manager – amongst many other things – this website is more just a showcase of my photography and writing. If you spend long enough here, you’ll notice I have a clear interest in automotive photography, and traveling. The writing aspect comes through as a result of sharing my various thoughts and discoveries while out and about. Aside from photography, I handle social media management, advert design, online advertising, brand strategy and market research for various clients.

The majority of my photos are shot on my old, rather battered Canon 550D with a wide assortment of lenses. Occasionally, someone will feel sorry for me and lend me a 5D of some sorts for a shoot. I also use my GoPro Hero 3+ to make videos.

I am proficient in the following programs:

– Adobe Illustrator
– Adobe Photoshop
– Premiere Pro
– Cinema 4D
– Final Cut Pro
– Adobe Lightroom 5
– WordPress/Joomla websites
– Google Analytics and Google Adwords (both certified with Google)

Not as proficient, but can still find my way around:

– xCode
– Adobe Dreamweaver
– Android Studio
– Autocad 2014
– blender

(Obviously, in addition to the above, I can use Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc. Seriously. Who can’t?)

Fancy looking at me elsewhere on the web? I’ve got you covered:

Facebook (personal profile)
Buy My Images On Dreamstime
Interview on Durban Is Yours

And last, but not least:

Follow me on Instagram, and keep up to date with my adventures!

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