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Mercedes-Benz AMG Breakfast Run

Posted on Jul 2, 2015 by in Blog Posts | 0 comments

The day started off rather early on a chilly June morning. I arrived at the dealership at around 6:30am, half an hour before the cars were due to start arriving. After managing to convince the security guard that I wasn’t up to no good, I managed to take a few photos of the building and surroundings in the early morning light. Fun fact: did you know the 3 point star on the roof of the Umhlanga dealership is supposed to rotate, but doesn’t for some strange reasons? Well, now you know.

As time passed, the previously skeptical security guard became a bit more friendly, and we ended up chatting for a while until the sun crept over the horizon. With the temperature still not letting down, the rumble of an AMG engine in the distance was a welcome sound. The day was about to begin…

In all, pretty much every car that pitched up was an A45 AMG, with one modified Golf GTi in the mix. For a brief moment, someone in a S63 AMG arrived, but then clearly decided we didn’t look fun enough and went on his way. After stocking up on coffee and various breakfast assortments, a plan was laid out for the day. We would be leaving the dealership for a drive down the coast towards Port Shepstone, where we would be treated to a full breakfast. Afterwards, we could either continue on towards Dezzi Raceway (which was hosting KZN’s first legal drag event on the day), or just head back to Durban.

Heading out onto the highway, I climbed into the back of another Mercedes, and spent the entire drive jumping around from side to side. The cold wind whipping my hair against my face was somewhat unpleasant, but I guess that’s my fault for not cutting my hair. Those complaints aside, it was a rather enjoyable day out with a bunch of fellow car enthusiasts, and would certainly be something I would take part in (if I could afford a Mercedes…which I can’t).

Enjoy the various selection of photos below:










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