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No Sweat Racing

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 by in Blog Posts | 0 comments

Those of you who have read my previous posts about Dezzi Raceway will know that it’s a petrolheads oasis on the south coast. What many people don’t know is that it’s also home to No Sweat Racing, operated by master mechanic Steve Clark.


Set in a workshop overlooking the coast, No Sweat offer some serious performance upgrades to mostly any JDM vehicles – the likes of Nissan, Subaru, Toyota etc. However, they’re predominantly known for their work with RB stamped Nissan motors, with one of their vehicles recently setting a new land speed record for their respective category. There is a 1,000hp Top Secret R34 Skyline lurking on the premises somewhere, as well as possibly the loudest R32 drag car in existence.


Workshops usually have a reputation for being rather grimy places, with tools scattered about and random patches of oil to slip on. No Sweat’s premises come across rather differently, with an almost surgical cleanliness about the place (and remember, this visit was unannounced). Tools are all lined up perfectly, and everything just looks exactly where it would need to be. It also helps that there is a fully functional racetrack just at the bottom of the driveway, which is more than useful when it comes to fine tuning a cars performance and setup.

While looking around the shop, a rare Nissan Skyline wagon was spotted lurking in a corner. When asked about the car, the response was “it puts out around 900hp”. The nonchalant tone of the reply suggests that these types of performance figures are nothing out of the ordinary over here.


Following two very friendly dogs outside to the driveway, a rather unique colour combination R33 was spotted. Yellow wheels and a purple body? Interesting. However, the lettering on the side, reading “400R” soon made the colour combo irrelevant. This was an incredibly rare version of the R33 Skyline, with only 44 vehicles having ever been produced. In standard form, these cars produced 400hp, with 500hp being easily capable with a higher boost setting. And now there was one sitting right here, on the outskirts of a small holiday town in South Africa. To see one of these in person was quite the unique experience that only another JDM car fan could probably understand. As if this wasn’t good enough, it was surrounded by a barrage of various other Skylines, as well as South Africas first turbocharged Subaru BRZ (belonging to pro drifter Claire Vale).


Walking down the driveway was a sight to behold. Parked in front of a row of garages were a smattering of Skylines. Two R33’s, and for the first time in my life, I was looking at the infamous R34. For someone who grew up playing various incarnations of Need For Speed, to finally see “Godzilla” in real life was rather surreal.


A big thank you to Steve Clark for being so welcoming for the entirely impromptu photoshoot, and even offering to move a few cars around for better photo angles. While highly unlikely, if you’re reading this, and own some form of JDM supercar, then it will certainly be worth your while to pay Steve and the rest of the No Sweat crew a visit.

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